Turn your set-top box be your personal fitness trainer with DailyUp

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    Jan 18, 2017
    You already take your smartphone with you everywhere-you might as well use it to power your workout routine. However, you may lazy to go gym or not familiar what should I do without any training experience. DailyUp Fitness app emphasizes workout you can do quickly and without a ton of expensive fitness gear no matter you are a beginner or advanced. As another nice product design, this app is designed for smart TV and media streaming box/sticks and improve your using experience on big screen.
    For now, DailyUp is only available on Google Play. In the coming months, it will be released on Fire TV, also on Apple TV. The app is free, but you’ll have to pay to access full videos at $6.99 a month, which is cheaper than lots of current fitness app.
    Search DailyUpfitness in Google Play Store and get started now!

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