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    Mar 6, 2015
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    Certainly not one of my highlights, but Pro Classic TV (formerly N2TV) is one of the many free channels available through Roku. I subscribe to many of them, and check them out every now and then, when I can't find anything new that I like on Netflix or Hulu Plus.

    If you like old movies and older television shows, they have a fair amount of them, some that I like because I can vaguely remember them from my childhood, such as The Rifleman, I Spy, The Invisible Man, The Cisco Kid, and My Favorite Martian, not the sort of thing that I am in the mood for often, but they are an easy watch, late at night, when I don't want to have to pay a lot of attention. There are also some that I missed, perhaps because I wasn't such an avid television watcher during my late elementary and high school years.

    The shows they carry are from the 50s through the 90s. There are ads with the free option, but if you're really averse to advertising, there is an option to rent.

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