New to Roku - need account advice for multiple TVs

Discussion in 'Roku' started by Ken, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Ken

    Ken Active Member

    Mar 14, 2015
    Recently decided to cut the cable cord, at least on a trial basis. I just purchased and installed a Roku3 on my personal TV, and will be getting a free (I think) Roku stick when I sign up/pay 3 mos. for Sling next week for the primary/wife's TV.

    Will I need to get my wife her own account for her selections, or will they somehow load separately onto her unit? Understanding the limitations of one signal per account, we plan on sharing the stream for now on the Sling, although we may possibly opt for two Netflix streams. How well or won't will this work out? I would prefer to use just one account for both units to avoid using a second payment method/pin.

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  3. HitmanActual

    HitmanActual Posters

    Nov 11, 2012
    Yeah we have 4 Rokus in our home. I can tell you having one Roku account makes it a LOT easier. Definitely recommend that as the way to go. The thing about the Roku account is that it is independent of your Netflix, Hulu etc accounts.

    The benefit being, I can install or remove channels on one Roku and it will push out to all of the other Rokus on the account. So with you and your wife's account both TVs would have all of the same channels but you can rearrange them on the individual Rokus so your or her favorites are right there at the top when you start browsing.
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  4. freeranger

    freeranger Active Member

    Dec 23, 2013
    Welcome Ken!

    Same as Hitman I have multiple Rokus and agree, managing them all from one account rocks!:rock:

    I know Netflix let's you stream to at LEAST 2 devices on a standard subscription. So does Hulu Plus. With your Netflix account you can also log in as different "watchers" so you and your wife can have your own customized experience. You don't have to have separate accounts for each device. :cool:
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