Multi-path issues.

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    Jul 3, 2017
    I live in an area where I am on the fringe. The UHF channels are rock solid and rarely experience any pixelation(sp?) or drop out. However, on all the maps I read I should be able to pull in the VHF channels better than UHF, but those are the ones I am having difficulty with. When I map my position to where the transmitter is on I have a slight hump to get over at about 5 miles out. I am about 40 miles from transmitter. If anyone is interested I can provide cords. for both locations. When I look at sites about multi-path they often post a picture of a hill that almost looks identical to the hump I have to get over. And they describe problems happening at various times with temp change on the ground.

    So all that in mind, I believe that is what I am dealing with. I am using an RCA ANT3036XR mounted at about 30-35 feet AGL. According to Wiki the transmitter is mounted at 576 m AGL. So I should have no other problems except that slight hump at 5 miles. The fresnel lines on Geocontext show that although I don't have direct line of sight I shouldn't have problems on VHF.

    So, what is needed to filter out multi-path? Or what can I do to fix it. I already have a fairly directional antenna, and it's mounted as high as I possibly can get it.

    The TV station I want is KXLF, Butte, MT, my location is Sheridan, MT. I can give tighter cords if needed. Or I can post a screen shot of Geocontext.

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