Media Giants Stopping Cord Cutters

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by F1Guy, Jun 11, 2016.

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    Jun 11, 2016
    I've done satellite, cable, you name it and I stopped all of it long before the term 'cord cutter' was coined. I'm VERY sad to say though... that the corporate media giants are going to win this battle at least in the short term.

    The plan is... to move away from subscription entertainment packages/companies and use the vast content of the internet to replace it. That model is about to be squashed. No matter what your alternative source is... it's internet based. No matter where you live, there is a near monopoly with your internet providers. So... they've all figured out that we are scrapping their TV services and going with internet only... then getting creative with our home theater systems and roku gadgets while we smile because we aren't paying the $100 per month for their crap. Right?

    But now they are almost all capping downloads with low limits. They know we are streaming content from the 'net and circumventing their packages... so Comcast and other cable providers, AT&T and most other satellite and ground based providers are implementing hard download limits with their internet only packages. But 'lifting' the limits if you purchase TV from them as well. This should be illegal. To attempt to force a customer who uses the internet for their entertainment to purchase TV or be hit with high download overage fees. The same company that provides the internet pipe also 'just happens' to provide TV as well.... so these MONOPOLIES are closing in on cord cutters.

    In my area, all ISP packages are limited to either 300 or 600gb of traffic (both download and upload combined) I have a family of 4 with 4 TV's and 4 Roku's. With just normal use streaming cartoons, youtube, and other content we are 4 to 5 times over the 300gb limit. So I'm facing either a $100 per month penalty or I have to subscribe to internet AND TV to allow unlimited downloading. WHAT A SCAM.

    I see so much talk about all the various ways to bring entertainment to the home via the 'net... all kids of players, media boxes etc. ALL of them become irrelevant because with every family of 3+ people will exceed download limits from their ISP and therefore will be forced to do the unholy... and purchase programming from 'the man'.

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