Introducing BadMirror TV (still in Beta) Providing Cord Cutters with Local Video Everything

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    Jun 1, 2016
    Hey Gang,

    My team and I built this social media website called BadMirror.TV specifically with cordcutterrs in mind. It is different than any other social media website you've been on before because instead of connecting with your immediate social network (friends, family), you connect with a place and the people that live there, all through the videos that get shared. We are replicating the last vestige of the cable broadcast television experience- the set it and forget it, veg out and relax, content stream.

    BadMirror TV is a hyperlocal crowdsourced social broadcasting system.
    Hyperlocal - when you select a town we will show you a mix of content from different geographies including exclusive videos shared to your own town, county and state
    Crowdsourced- Anyone can share a video to any town/city from youtube or video
    Social- Subscribers vote on videos, when videos receive votes they move up in geographical reach and are viewable in a larger area.
    Broadcasting - This solves the problem of "everyone should see this". We've created a tool anyone can broadcast the things that matter to them to their neighborhood and potentially the entire world.

    Essentially we are a local culture machine that is decentralizing culture.

    Here is an about how the site works video:

    The ASK
    So I'm writing here as part of national launch strategy. We've been building traction and are just about ready to launch out of Beta. We would love your feedback, help and company in the following tasks;
    -Use BadMirror TV to discover what is going on around you if you live in our Beta locations (North East region of the US)
    -Interview/write about our website if you are a writer/blogger
    -Tell your friends and follow us on social media, search "badmirror" and you should find us.
    -Give us your feedback. what are we missing? What can we do better? Keep in mind this website is still not in its final form
    -Connect us with people you think NEED to know about our project

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