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    Apr 16, 2016
    Hello all,

    I don't know why cord cutting hadn't occurred to me earlier. We were with UVERSE until it sold to Frontier. Tv service alone with HD and DVR is costing us about $80 per month.

    We are located about half way between Hartford and New Haven, which means most major networks have a tower within 16 miles of our home.

    I bought a cheapo RCA rabbit ears setup and managed to get 2 stations. I'm hoping to get closer to 15-20.

    My plan is to buy a Channel Master DVR+. Well already get Prime, Hulu and Netflix.

    My challenge is antenna selection. We have both UHF and VHF signals near us, but they are located in 3 directions from our home. For the sake of simplicity I would love to get an indoor antenna, but at the end of the day signal quality and channel selection are most important to me.

    I also plan to try Sling TV since they picked up FS1. I have been reading the forums regarding your experiences with it.

    At any rate, I am really excited about this move and can't wait to tell Frontier to shut us off. We will be maintaining Internet with them, at 45 mbps.

    I think I'm in need of an omnidirectional antenna but frankly I'm overwhelmed with models and reviews. Like everyone else, I am thrilled to buy the least expensive and simplest to install that provide the desired results, but I'm not unwilling to pay more for a better result.

    I look forward to continuing to lurk on the forums and to read abut your experiences (and I'll post about mine as I get up and running).

    Thank you! Mike.

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