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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by outdoorgal, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. outdoorgal

    outdoorgal New Member

    Apr 17, 2014
    I've used Netflix over the last 2 years, and really like it. I especially like it because there are no commercials. The down-side for me is, I run out of movies before they add new ones I haven't watched. Plus the fact that there are many B movies I don't care to watch at all. I do feel I totally get my money's worth though. I think it is a very, fair price to pay. I also enjoy the many sitcoms I can watch. Like Frazier, and I love some of the BBC shows like MIdsummer Murders.

    I recently accepted the trial-offer from Epix. I don't find their service to be as good as Netflix. There are some technical issues I've experienced, like the movie stopping for no apparent reason, and loading. I didn't have that happen with Netflix that I recall, and I think I would remember. Also, I noticed a movie just last night I'd planned to watch on Epix, but the audio, was not in sync with the video. So I shut it down and watched a movie I had on DVD.

    I also discovered there are a few of the TVLand shows I love, like The Andy Griffith Show, and Golden Girls. Just www.tvland.com. Those are free, but usually I've only seen 5 episodes of a list of shows, about a dozen shows I think. Still, it's neat if you just want to watch something quickly, although the commercials are left in them, it's still a good deal for free:)

    I am pretty much spoiled on every going back to cable, although I do like charter for wireless internet service. We have excellent service here in my area, and I prefer it over other's I've used in the past.

    Any feedback on this is welcome, your experience, likes, dislikes on services I mentioned,

    Thank you much, Denise:)
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  3. gmckee1985

    gmckee1985 Well-Known Member

    Oct 14, 2014
    I dont see anything wrong with cable. As long as you have a reasonable package. Cable companies are responding to the chord cutter phenomenon by offering more packages. Channels like HBO and ESPN are even offering their own packages. Netflix fullfils most of my needs but I need cable for sports and newer TV shows.

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