Amazon Fire TV Voice Search Doesn't Fully Support Services Outside Prime Yet.

Discussion in 'Fire TV' started by GeorgeB, Apr 4, 2014.

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    Oct 23, 2012
    It's not surprising that when you use voice search on your new Fire TV it will search Amazon's Prime Instant Video service for the title you're looking for. However, that becomes a slight problem when you're looking for free content and are pointed to the paid version on Amazon instead of the free version on Netflix for example.

    First impressions are that it does not appear to attempt to search the entire connected ecosystem of subscribed services available on the device. It does search services outside of its own catalog, like Netflix. It just doesn't seem to dig deep enough quite yet. That could of course be due to the meta data of other services not being readily available to Amazon's cloud where the search takes place.

    What do you think? Though it's a little disappointing that it doesn't search every app's catalog on your device when you search for TV, music, or movie content by actor, artist, or title, it's still a pretty great feature that will obviously mature over time. I can see this being a really neat time saving tool that will allow you to quickly switch to the device, voice search your favorite show, and go. Instead of flipping though menus, to find your app, launching the app, finding your show, then launching your show.

    Check out the video of voice search in action from Amazon's live unveiling event.

    Also,have a look at this demo where the user show's the Fire TV is clearly aware of apps on the device and even some of their content (like the Netflix exclusive show House of Cards).

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