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  1. Michael Rich
    Michael Rich
    New to cord cutting love it!
  2. Salaryman
    Waiting for Google Fiber
  3. R34Dream
    Living the no-cable life since 2009. :)
  4. GeorgeB
    Leo, I approved it. I'll go look at your permissions and see why you couldn't move it. Thanks!
    1. LeoIrish
      Thank you. Am I able to move it in the future?
      Dec 3, 2015
  5. LeoIrish
    LeoIrish GeorgeB
    There is a posting (SlingTV on Roku4) which is awaiting moderation before being displayed publicly. I tried to look at it and take care of the issue, but it does not seem to budge. What do I do?
  6. GeorgeB
    GeorgeB Kodi User
    Welcome Kodi user. It's funny you just joined because I just installed Kodi recently and am completely confused. Looking forward to your postings and insight. Welcome to the forum!
  7. GeorgeB
    GeorgeB Charlie17036
    Do you need help with your account?
  8. Charlie17036
    Lost my password, now what?
  9. biraj basak
    biraj basak
    Available to share the comments.
  10. omison
    I'm looking to take cable and communications to a 3rd world country - what do I need to know?
  11. Rob Lister
    Rob Lister GeorgeB
    Yo George. Give LukeBK a read in your inbox. He wants to buy the forum or something.
    1. GeorgeB
      I gave him a shout back. Thanks for letting me know!
      Oct 11, 2015
  12. Charlie17036
    Curious and confused....
  13. e d
    e d
    New Camo.
  14. Peteski
    Peteski Rob Lister
  15. DebbieL
    I have my scissors on the cord
  16. yman173
    I got this...
  17. maxima191
    I just joined today :)
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  18. xcredence
    Currently watching: Suits and Lost!
  19. TinVanMan
    I want access to my favorite sites from all over the world. I am here to see what everyone else does to solve this problem.
  20. Diane Lane
    Diane Lane
    I've never liked cords.